MINI-SEMINAR ON XYLO-MAKING........   you’ll notice I’ve used all sorts of woods, from hardwood to decking to logs to anything that made a decent noise. 
  The higher notes are often OK as they are; the lower ones sometimes need a helping hand via resonators, which can be boxes,bottles,plastic drums,tubes tuned to the note of the wooden  bar,etc.
    Tuning = the longer/thinner , the lower it is; the shorter/thicker ,the higher. If you’re thinning a wooden bar do it in the middle if possible - that’s where it makes the most difference.
    Fixing : it’s important not to kill off the wood’s vibrations, so use soft stuff to tie/fix to a frame (though you don’t have to use a framework at all) and rest the bars on foamrubber/rope/carpet strips & the like;       and also.........
  .... the magic ratio you need to know is 22.5% of the length of the wooden bar (approx. 1/4 will work OK in fact) ‘cos this is where you can drill a hole or two ( if you want to fix it to a frame ) without dampening the vibrations.
          It’s good to have no ‘wrong’ notes ;  invent your own scales!  ignore concert pitch!
                                        make’em BIG & communal !   Have fun !  (to go back
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