You may not want to
read through this lot now
so I’ll just mention that all
the playing (and pictures)
are by me  unless you  see
a scroll bar by the side of
the page - that’ll take you
down a bit where I admit to what I’ve NOT played, or
even  sometimes mention interesting things, and it’s also where an important page link often is.
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‘News From Elsewhere’
is from a lyric
on a 1994 album
by German band Rainbirds

( As always,  if you
want to know about anything  give me a call ) O.K. so what’s it all about,then ?? ....... For many years I had a music shop which accumulated instruments & recordings
from around the world ;  not a lot of them sold.
For several years after that I made & invented musical instruments for schools,
myself,and friends.
As a result, a lot of the above ended up in my room, which left me short of space but surrounded by interesting noises.
The music here happened because I thought it was time I got together stuff I’d wholly or partly recorded, or had ideas about.
Basically it’s just me having fun - all the tracks were done pretty much for my own satisfaction , even when used for shows,  so if anyone else enjoys them it’s a welcome bonus.
I guess there’s a number of tracks that are reasonably tight, but in general I’m not fond of over-controlling everything.
At some stage in each piece, after obsessively fiddling with sound-textures,
samples,notes,chord-sequences,etc.I figure that the brain has done its bit &
it’s now time to push the boat out to see where it winds up & what it picks up on the way.
This may involve chucking in a wild card to get things a bit off-kilter & nudging 
it into areas that only just about hang together  - really, it’s all to stop me getting bored hearing it back.
In pottery terms - some pieces work OK fired once & others need to go in & out of the kiln a few times;  sometimes the erasure’s more use than the pencil (didn’t
someone famous say that?)
All I’m doing with the sounds available, whether live,sampled,or combined , is 
Even when there’s a groove going on, the music’s primarily pictorial (to me)
and so if it makes sense in those terms then I’m happy, especially if there’ve been surprises & lucky accidents en route.
          OK - that’s enough waffle.....I hope you enjoy something!
          Alright, technophiles,
what instruments & equipment’s
                        involved ?? Akai S20 sampler plus Roland controller
keyboard plus Mackie 12-channel mixer plus
Fostex 8-track reel-to-reel plus Rode mic. plus
Yamaha QY70 plus Zoom FX pedal plus ancient
Roland mixer-amp plus aging domestic CD recorder and some of the earlier stuff was done on even less contemporary machinery
        but HEY don’t let all that put you off!  Er..instruments? I won’t bore you by listing them all track-by-track - anyway I can’t actually remember a lot of what I did;  also many got to the mix-down stage via sampling , layering . keyboarding around, and general warping, not to mention being occasionally congealed with sound colours from LP’s/CD’s/radio
and so on.  And a lot of the sound sources aren’t instruments at all,of course.  There’ll be a lot that’re recognizable, but if you’re curious/interested just contact me and ask.             
           OK I’ll shut up now so, if you’re still up for it - this way to the music tracks >