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    this is the website for

          there’s some MUSIC ,
        and some ARTY STUFF

        you can get in contact via...
   email: kevinly.post @ virgin.net
            tel: 01926-426703
     address:  55 Russell Terrace.
   Leamington Spa CV31 1HE, U.K. I’m not trying to sell anything so if you come across something you particularly fancy you’re  welcome to make use of it   ....  it’d be nice if you credited me for it though !               to get to the MUSIC click on >
  The first page tells you about it & then there are lots of tracks (all full- length)you can click on to listen to and each one has a bit of the ARTY STUFF with it.      to get to the INSTRUMENTS  click on >
There’s a bit of info.about them, but not
as much as I planned, so if you want to find
out how to make anything, feel free to get
in touch (see above.)